Agriteos: the joint agrivoltaic subsidiary of Ombrea and Société du Canal de Provence (SCP) for sustainable agriculture

Building on a successful collaboration that began in 2017, Ombrea and SCP, through its subsidiary "SCP - Renewable Energies and Territorial Development", are strengthening their partnership by creating a joint agrivoltaic subsidiary in 2020, Agriteos.

Aix-en-Provence, April 8, 2021

Agriteos: combining Ombrea's solution with Société du Canal de Provence's water, energy and agriculture expertise

The two companies, which are already partners in twoshading experiments in Rians, in the Var region of France, are pooling their respective skills and know-how within Agriteos to deploy agrivoltaic solutions for farmers who are increasingly confronted with the vagaries of weather conditions related to climate change.

"In Agriteos, SCP brings its knowledge of the territories in the South region and its know-how to deploy original water and connected agriculture solutions for increasingly controlled and efficient water management, as well as its expertise in solar energy production to meet the challenges facing farmers in the context of climate change and energy transition." Benoît Moreau, Director of Development at SCP.

"Agriteos provides farmers with Ombrea's technology and agronomic know-how through its innovative, multi-patented shade solution. The principle is simple: the combination of data processing and artificial intelligence allows for optimal control of the shades, which deploy and retract to modulate and create climatic conditions favorable to the proper development of crops." Julie-Davico-Pahin, Co-founder & CEO of Ombrea.

Agriteos, a winning collaboration for climate adaptation in regional agriculture

By working closely with farmers and their needs, the combined skills of Ombrea and SCP enable Agriteos to offer crop protection and land resource optimization solutions (water, solar energy) that incorporate technological innovation to sustainably address the effects of climate change.

"Within Agriteos, SCP pools its agronomic expertise and its knowledge of the challenges facing the agricultural profession, which it has been supporting in the field for over 60 years. Farmers today are facing new challenges. We need to find alternatives to protect crops and help them maintain their production; that's what we're looking for in this partnership with Ombrea. Alice Ract-Madoux, CPS project manager.

"Agriteos brings Ombrea's agronomic tools and skills to the table, while combining them with SCP's expertise. This innovative technological alliance is a real plus for farmers in terms of adaptation to climate change. Today, the dynamics of sharing our expertise allows us to successfully complete this project." Samuel Roy, agricultural engineer at Ombrea.

After the vineyard in Rians, and alongside several agricultural experimentation centers, Agriteos is currently working on agrivoltaic projects in arboriculture and market gardening, for various productions typical of the Provence region. Others will follow.

About Ombrea

Ombrea has been active in the field of agrivoltaics for 7 years, developing innovative tools for crop management and protection to mitigate the effects of climate change. Closely linked to all the actors and institutions of the sector, its dynamic agrivoltaic solutions have demonstrated their efficiency on the treated crops. Ombrea currently has a team of 42 employees. It has raised a second round of financing in 2021, of 10 million euros.

About Société du Canal de Provence

As a player in the ecological transition, Société du Canal de Provence has been committing its responsibility, innovation and performance to the territories for more than 60 years, in order to meet the challenges of climate change in the region. innovation and performance to meet the challenges of climate change in the fields of water and renewable energy. in the fields of water and renewable energy. It takes up the daily challenge of securing water supply and access and access to water, thereby contributing to their development and economic growth. Its experience and know-how give it a solid expertise that enables it to provide a range of skills and solutions adapted to the problems of water and energy. and solutions adapted to the problems generated by climate change.

As the concessionaire for the Southern Region, SCP manages the exceptional regional hydraulic heritage of the Canal de Provence concession and mainly mobilizes water from the Verdon River to transport and distribute it throughout the Provence region. It supplies raw water, partially or totally, to 2 million inhabitants, i.e. 40% of the population of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, 2,000 companies, 188 municipalities, 6,000 farms and 2,000 fire hydrants and stations.

Whether on the scale of the regional concession of the Canal de Provence, in its engineering and service offers or in the production of renewable energies, SCP meets the needs of its most diverse clients in the region, France and internationally, with the same high standards. It innovates to preserve, control and develop water resources and to support the and optimize its uses. As an active partner in a rich ecosystem, the Company favors a collective approach to respond efficiently to new to new challenges and facilitate transitions. It is thus multiplying synergies with its partners.

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