Agriteos, a subsidiary of Société du Canal de Provence and Ombrea, inaugurates its first agrivoltaic demonstrator on a tree plot in the Vaucluse region of France

Agriteos is the agrivoltaic solution for crop protection and optimization of territorial resources (water, energy, solar) in the face of climate change

Apt, March 30, 2023 

Partners for several years, SCP and Ombreainaugurate their first project nder the Agriteos label, their joint subsidiary created in 2020. The system is currently is currently being deployed on a plot of plum  belonging to to Mr. Claude SOLLIER, a, farmer in the areaof Apt. The operation has benefited from the support of theSouth Regionand the Caisse d'Epargne et de Prévoyance Côte d'Azur (CECAZ).

Agriteos, a winning collaboration to help regional agriculture adapt to climate change

The SCP/Ombrea partnership has already allowed them to test their solutions on two demonstration sites and vineyard plots in Rians (Var). The conclusive agronomic results of the last 4 years have reinforced this collaboration, materialized by Agriteos. Agriteos is nowproviding farmers with solutions for crop protection and optimization of local resources (water, energy, solar).

The agrivoltaic system installed on Mr. Sollier's plot is controlled by an algorithm according to the meteorological and agronomic data collected through sensors located on the plot. The piloting activates the functioning of the panels and aims at maintaining an optimal microclimate for the growth of the plum trees, water saving and the production of renewable energy.

This system offers several advantages such as protection against climatic hazards, the securing of harvests, the regulation of temperatures temperatures, favorable climatic conditions for the plant, an improvement of the working working conditions as well as the production of renewable energy. renewable energy.

The agro-climatic needs of the fruit trees were also identified taking into account the constraints and agricultural practices of M. Sollier.

A scientific program combining the expertise of Ombrea, the SCP, and the La Pugère experimental station will monitor the results for three years .This inauguration marks a step towards the deployment of Agriteos solutions in the Southern Region. Projects in arboriculture that will be launched in the near future, will also benefit from the financial support of the SouthernRegion and from the Caisse d'Epargne et de Prévoyance Côte d'Azur (CECAZ).

About Ombrea

Ombrea has been active in the field of agrivoltaics for 7 years, developing innovative tools for crop management and protection to mitigate the effects of climate change. Closely linked to all the actors and institutions of the sector, its dynamic agrivoltaic solutions have demonstrated their efficiency on the treated crops. Ombrea currently has ateam of 42 employees. It has raised a second round of financing in 2021, of 10 million euros.

About Société du Canal de Provence

As a player in the ecological transition, Société du Canal de Provence has been committing its responsibility, innovation and performance to the territories for more than 60 years, in order to meet the challenges of climate change in the region. innovation and performance to meet the challenges of climate change in the fields of water and renewable energy. in the fields of water and renewable energy. It takes up the daily challenge of securing water supply and access and access to water, thereby contributing to their development and economic growth. Its experience and know-how give it a solid expertise that enables it to provide a range of skills and solutions adapted to the problems of water and energy. and solutions adapted to the problems generated by climate change.

As the concessionaire for the Southern Region, SCP manages the exceptional regional hydraulic heritage of the Canal de Provence concession and mainly mobilizes water from the Verdon River to transport and distribute it throughout the Provence region. It supplies raw water, in part or in full, to 2 million inhabitants, i.e. 40% of the population of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, 2,000 companies, 188 municipalities, 6,000 farms and 2,000 fire hydrants and stations . Whether on thescale of the regional concession of the Canal de Provence, in its engineering and service offers or in the production of renewable energies, SCP meets the needs of its most diverse customers in the region, France and internationally, with the same high standards.

It innovates to preserve, control and develop water resources and to support and optimize its uses. As an active partner in a rich ecosystem, the Company favors a collective approach to respond efficiently to new to new challenges and facilitate transitions. It is thus multiplying synergies with its partners.

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