Ombrea and Telaqua launch a partnership for resource conservation and crop protection

Aix-en-Provence - February 8, 2022

Telaqua, a French startup specializing in the optimization of water consumption in agriculture, and Ombrea, an expert in climate management and crop protection in the face of climatic hazards, have announced a strategic partnership. With this alliance, the two players show their common will to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to the agricultural world.

An innovative and responsible approach to crop protection

Within the framework of this partnership, the two actors wish to create value for agriculture through an environmentally friendly approach, which provides an adapted response to the problems of farmers. Indeed, Ombrea has developed a system to intelligently monitor the micro-climate on crops and protect them from climatic hazards (drought, hail, frost).

The aim is to enable the agricultural sector to adapt to climate change. For its part, Telaqua has designed connected sensors to control and monitor irrigation remotely. Thanks to its application, it is possible to control the opening of the valves, analyze the uniformity and the good progress of the irrigations.

The combination of the two technologies allows us to meet the needs of the plantations in terms of light, temperature, hygrometry and humidity, with the right quantity, at the right time, while improving the working conditions of the farmers.

The two entities will launch a pilot in the South of France in the spring, followed by a larger-scale deployment throughout the country.

An alliance that benefits the planet and farmers

Julie Davico-Pahin, co-founder of Ombrea, and Sébastien Demech, co-founder of Telaqua, met as part of their commitment to entrepreneurs and share the same values. They quickly realized that their vision and expertise were complementary and could bring value to the agricultural world with many advantages to support professionals in the face of climate change.

Ombrea's solution responds to agricultural constraints by reducing the vulnerability of crops to increasingly destructive weather events. Ombrea optimizes the plant's climatic conditions to reduce water requirements by 30%, to increase crop yields by 17% and to improve crop quality (limitation of stressful conditions, systematically lower soil temperature - -6°C to 10 cm on the hottest days).

For its part, Telaqua with its solution allows to irrigate the plantations with the right amount of water and thus avoid wasting the water resource. The solution offers a gain in time, yield, efficiency and peace of mind. Farmers report a 30% time saving thanks to these installations and a 50% reduction in the risk of yield loss.

About Ombrea

Ombrea has been active in the field of agrivoltaics for 7 years, developing innovative tools for crop management and protection to mitigate the effects of climate change. Closely linked to all the actors and institutions of the sector, its dynamic agrivoltaic solutions have demonstrated their efficiency on the treated crops. Ombrea currently has ateam of 42 employees. It has raised a second round of financing in 2021, of 10 million euros.

About Telaqua

Created in 2018 in Aix-en-Provence by 3 founders (Sébastien Demech, Nicolas Cavalier and Nicolas Carvallo), Telaqua's ambition is to support farmers in optimizing water consumption. This is a major challenge since 70% of the world's fresh water is used by agriculture (source: Food & Agriculture Organization and Worldbank). To achieve this, Telaqua proposes to monitor, control and optimize irrigation remotely thanks to connected sensors and a simple, intuitive application that is above all open to all. Thanks to its expertise in Machine Learning (interpretation and automatic learning of data by artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). The goal is to make this management increasingly intelligent, even automatic. Based in Aix-en-Provence, Telaqua has 20 employees and a presence in France, Spain, Chile and Africa.

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