"I expect the Ombrea solution to help me improve the quality of produce under shade and save water by limiting irrigation."

Farmer solar panels
Farmer solar panels

"In the middle of a drought the impact of Ombrea is obvious. Underneath the solutions, you have a plant that is very green and resourceful. Outside, the plant would dry out even with watering."


Vaucluse (83)

plum tree

Translational shading

0,15 ha
100 kWp


October 2022

Claude's project is the first installation of Ombrea in arboriculture. It is a plot of plum trees, whose trees are in production, making the installation of Ombrea technology on this plot a real challenge. The feedback from this project will be all the more rapid for an arboricultural sector whose difficulties are increasing in the context of climate change. The follow-up partnership with the experimental station of La Pugère will allow to highlight the effects of agrivoltaism on the plant cycle and on fruit production.

Agrivoltaic expert

"It has been a real pleasure to complete this project, thanks to Claude's agricultural expertise and his passion for his work. We are all eager to draw the first conclusions from this experiment.

Agro-climatic service objectives provided by Ombrea

Temperature & Sunshine

Protection against thermal, hydric and oxidative stress


Preservation of quality: quantity of juice, sugar and acid content

Water requirement

Saving water resources by limiting evapotranspiration


Limit frost damage

Agro-climatic service objectives provided by Ombrea