Ombrea inaugurates the 1st agrivoltaic site on a market garden in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France

This demonstrator will protect a plot of asparagus, to limit the impact of climatic hazards and preserve future harvests.

Caumont-sur-Garonne, September 20, 2023

Ombrea inaugurates a new agrivoltaic project in market gardening, in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France. The system covers an asparagus plot belonging to Pascal Lafitte, a farmer in Caumont-sur-Garonne.

A system to preserve crops in the face of climate change

The Garonne valley has a temperate climate, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. However, drought conditions are becoming increasingly severe, sometimes affecting several periods of the year. In August, Météo France recorded record temperatures in Lot-et Garonne (42.6°C). In addition, the risk of late spring frost is particularly high in the region, due to the advanced stage of crop development. These hazards, linked to climate change, affect water requirements and yields.

Ombrea already has a dozen agrivoltaic sites in arboriculture, vineyards and horticulture. The technology developed by Ombrea provides protection for field crops, with conclusive agronomic results: reduced irrigation requirements, 66% reduction in periods of strong sunlight harmful to plants, lower soil temperature (-4°C to -7.2°C at a depth of 10 cm), reduced risk of scorching and longer vegetation life.

The agrivoltaic system is controlled by an algorithm based on meteorological and agronomic data received from sensors located on the plot. The control system activates the panels to maintain an optimal microclimate for asparagus growth, save water and produce renewable energy.

Mr. Laffitte, a farmer since 2002, was on the lookout for innovative solutions when he opted for Ombrea. He hopes to reduce the risks associated with bad weather and improve the quality of his yields. This move reflects his desire to innovate and develop his farming practices to adapt his operation to the challenges of climate and energy.

Initiated in the summer of 2022, the demonstrator project aims to protect 1,130 m² of land - including 300 m² of control area. Intelligent control, based on Ombrea's expertise, is also based on the climatic protection needs identified by the farmer and recommendations from the Lot-et-Garonne (47) Chamber of Agriculture.

Scientific monitoring will be coordinated between Ombrea, the Chamber of Agriculture (47) and Pascal Laffitte over a 5-year period. The partners have established a monitoring protocol and will work closely together to collect, analyze and interpret data and results.

A cutting-edge agricultural tool to support farmers in their transition

Within the framework of this demonstrator, Ombrea's agronomic expertise aims to work on several issues:

  • Improve asparagus dormancy in winter, by limiting soil heating (particularly during mild winters).
  • Mitigate strong temperature variations during the harvest period (March - May) to ensure even growth of shoots (underground buds)
  • Protect plants and plant biomass from excessive summer weather (high temperatures, brightness), to enable plants to build up reserves more efficiently
  • Preserving soil health and quality


Faced with the challenges of climate change, this ambitious project implements solutions combining technology and adaptability for the agricultural world. It will enable new farmers in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to gain a better understanding of its agrivoltaic technologies.

About Ombrea

Created in 2016, Ombrea develops innovative crop management and protection tools to mitigate the effects of climate change. Closely linked to all players and institutions in the sector, its agronomic solutions have demonstrated their effectiveness on the crops treated, while also providing expertise in green energy production. Ombrea currently has a team of around forty employees and has completed a second round of financing in 2021, for 10 million euros. It is part of the Green20 program, which lists startups that are developing breakthrough innovations in favor of the ecological transition, and which are set to become market leaders in the coming years.

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