"The grapes are ripe again as they were in the past. The vine finishes its cycle quite normally, without heat strokes neither on the leaves, nor on the bunch "

agrivoltaic farmer
agrivoltaic farmer

"In the middle of a drought the impact of Ombrea is obvious. Underneath the solutions, you have a plant that is very green and resourceful. Outside, the plant would dry out even with watering."


Var (83)

Vine (grenache)

Translational shading

0,15 acres
84 kWp


Spring 2020

This project is our first demonstrator on vines made from one of the most represented grape varieties, Grenache. This grape variety is strongly concerned by problems of decline on a national scale. The objective of climate protection is therefore to perpetuate this emblematic crop of Provence while maintaining the yield and quality of the wine produced
Agrivoltaic expert

"The results obtained from this demonstrator on a wine grape variety that is emblematic of Provence confirm the assumptions we made about climate protection applied to vines.

The benefits of the Ombrea solution



Agronomic results


Higher yields under shade in number of clusters, cluster weight and weight per vine


At equivalent TAV: more acidity under shade (pronounced effect on malic acid)


Staggering of the harvests under shade by 5 to 9 days and advancement of 1 year on the date of the first harvest for the controlled plot

Effects on weather conditions

Air temperature

51% reduction in hours above 35°C

Soil temperature

Systematically lower under controlled shading


66% reduction in the amount of sunlight that can damage crops

Water stress

A 32% reduction in atmospheric water stress periods

The results

Agronomic results

Effect on climatic conditions