From an idea on a piece of paper, Christian Davico and Julie Davico-Pahin have built an innovative company, an actor of the ecological transition and a promoter of sustainable agriculture.


🌡️ Climate change is shaking up the agricultural world. Ombrea regulates the climate in order to protect and perpetuate a sustainable and responsible agriculture.

💪 Ombrea has been able to bring together talented and committed profiles around its project to build a more virtuous and ambitious model, increasing from 2 to 25 employees in 2 years.

🌱 After having raised more than 2 million euros since the beginning of the adventure and launched dozens of ongoing projects, Ombrea installs its system on vines, market gardening, horticulture... to best meet the climate challenge.

👩🌾 Being from the agricultural world ourselves, we have grasped the urgency of acting quickly. We think very highly of all our farming customers, who have challenged and followed us from the beginning.

🍓 So a huge thank you to all of you who follow us and to all of our partners for believing in us. You have pushed us to our limits (often), listened to us (always) and you continue to vibrate with us in this fabulous adventure. The best is yet to come!

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