A human adventure & committed people

Ombrea federates around its project talented profiles committed to the environment.

Technical skills and ecology

97/5000 Our team is made up of atypical profiles and experts in their fields. A common point...

  • Christian Davico
    Christian Davico


  • Julie Davico-Pahin
    Julie Davico-Pahin

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Etienne Lamy
    Etienne Lamy

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Thomas Carayol
    Thomas Carayol

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Xavier Lattard
    Xavier Lattard

    Head of technics

  • Mathias Legot
    Mathias Legot

    Mechanical project manager

  • Quentin Savy
    Quentin Savy

    Mechanical project manager

  • Blandine Garin
    Blandine Garin

    Mechanical engineer

  • Estelle De Bono
    Estelle De Bono

    Mechanical engineer

Our valeurs

  • An ecologic transition actor

    Belonging to the climate generation, Ombrea places agronomy at the heart of its business to defend a sustainable agriculture that respects our planet. Our employees are committed to sustainable development by promoting good culinary, sorting and transport practices... 20% of the team goes to work by bike!

    An ecologic transition actor
  • Eco-conception, attentive at the farming world : a global responsability

    With a team composed mainly of agronomists, Ombrea places the concerns of farmers and their needs at the heart of its activity. A structure made in France with a high rate of recyclability and no concreteisation on the ground (earth screws), the system largely integrates the notion of eco-design.

  • A strong CSR commitment

    From the Salon de l'agriculture to Viva Tech and UNESCO, Ombrea is involved on numerous occasions in the themes of committed entrepreneurship, responsible agriculture and the climate. In addition, Ombrea is committed to actors promoting ecological transition such as Green Tech Verte, a network of the French Ministry of Ecology or the Ferme Digitale, an association supporting innovation for a more sustainable agriculture.

    A strong CSR commitment
  • A shared garden at the office

    In partnership with the Aix-Marseille Metropolis and the Arbois Environment Technopole, Ombrea has created a shared market garden. The company offers a place to recreate links: the garden is open to members of the technopole and Ombrea organises workshops and exchanges around the vegetable garden.

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